Self Realisation – The Final Frontier

I am starting this blog to make myself available to the whole world for all your queries regarding your inner journey , every one is trying to reach somewhere in this outer world but confused by the goal one has to reach inlife , if one frontier is achieved then again we reset our goal for the next one, the true goal or the true path can only be ascertain once you have made an inner journey.

Be conscious of your breath, body, thoughts, surroundings.

One can be conscious of everything around taking in body and mind also. Its only possible because you are other then all these gross and subtle things. Full conviction in finding the real truth is what required. Believe that you are immortal, timeless, without birth and death, unchanging, constant, uniform -SELF. Once SELF is establishedContinue reading “Be conscious of your breath, body, thoughts, surroundings.”


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