Take advantage of the ancient knowledge of Indian Scriptures


I (NITIN BAGAI) offer to provide you with the knowledge of inner true nature , your true Self and to experience it in this life time all through wonderful meditation sessions.

We’re offering classes and courses at beginner and advanced levels, as well as special limited edition sessions of prenatal meditation, children’s study meditation, workout meditation,treadmill meditation, night and morning meditations and assertions .

‘By holding on to your pure , duality- free state , you gain direct knowledge of that state. That’s true self-knowledge’.

Bhagavad Gita

After going through all the books of great sages from India , finally a pattern emerges , a whole path comes to light of how to reach the ultimate truth . That path is made into steps through which now i can guide you to reach your core or you can say your source (substratum)

Once you are established in your inner self then this world will be an easy playground for you. Success will be always by your side , in any circumstances whether good or bad true bliss state can be attained in any minute of your life.

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Meditation techniques

  1. Walk Meditation
  2. Driving Meditation
  3. Healing Meditation
  4. Short 5 minutes Meditation
  5. Food Meditation
  6. Manifestation Meditation
  7. Action/Karma Meditation
  8. Prayer enhancement Meditation
  9. Existence -Consciousness- Bliss Meditation
  10. Infinity Meditation
  11. Cooking Meditation
  12. Workout Meditation
  13. Treadmill Meditation
  14. Buddha Meditation

Sharing with you old meditation technique bases on Ashtavakra Gita (4500 year old) scripture.

For better sleep try this meditation in sitting pose or Savasana pose on bed before you go to sleep , please use headphones. This technique will help in decluttering your mind and removing anxiety if it is done for minimum 10 nights.

Deepest Truth.

Realization of absolute being is here and now. It is not a process that takes time as such. Every breath you take should be looking ever more deeply into “I am”, which is like amantra beyond mere mantra. Every breath, every moment, you have your inmost doorway into the absolute being, absolute awareness, absolute joy…

Don’t be afraid of meditation.

People are afraid that when the ego or the mind is killed, the result may be a mere blank and not happiness.What really happens is that the thinker, the object of thought and thinking all merge into the one Source, which is Consciousness and Bliss itself, and thus that state is neither inert nor blank.I…

Be an empty vessel for supreme self.

We are full of ideas, concepts, personal judgments, fantasies, bais love, favorites, choices, dislikes, experiences, traumas, failures, achievements, sex choices, suppression, exposures. All these form our personalities .If we remove all traits, we will be an empty vessel ,totally empty and available, just like a newborn child. This empty vessel is what God wants us…

I am doing one to one or group sessions on any video formats – timing given below ALL SESSIONS ARE FOR FREE IN 2020 .

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