Be a king of cosmos.

Don’t be a beggar for success, fame, love, relationship, peace, health, vitality. Body and its pleasures, all will go away only that which never change will remain. Surrender and stay in your real self state in every moment of remaining life. Become center nail of the wheel, which witness circulation of the whole wheel withoutContinue reading “Be a king of cosmos.”

Story of river

They say before entering the sea,a river trembles with fear.She looks back at the waythat she has travelled, from the peaks,the mountains, the long winding roadwhich crosses forests and villages,and sees in front of her such a vast oceanthat entering it doesn’t seem anything elsethan having to disappear forever.But there’s no other way.The river can’tContinue reading “Story of river”

Clear purpose of life.

Passion for understanding of SELF , passion for merging into Supreme Self is the clear purpose of life. All other passions are mere illusions. Materialistic passions ,music, dance, singing all stay with you till this body last but passion for getting established in self is the utmost goal of human life, we have born toContinue reading “Clear purpose of life.”

Present Moment & Time is all what we have.

Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one.But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now. When a journalist asked Eckhart Tolle to summarize his teaching, he said—Treat this moment as a Friend not your enemy.Continue reading “Present Moment & Time is all what we have.”

Intentions leads to manifestations.

One should select his intentions very carefully , every intention will have its effect in the future. Very strong intentions will manifest earlier then weak one’s. Intentions which are full of positivity diminish in its manifestation due to small negative intentions eroding its strong ground. Conviction, confidence is all what is required with a strongContinue reading “Intentions leads to manifestations.”