Don’t be afraid of meditation.

People are afraid that when the ego or the mind is killed, the result may be a mere blank and not happiness.What really happens is that the thinker, the object of thought and thinking all merge into the one Source, which is Consciousness and Bliss itself, and thus that state is neither inert nor blank.IContinue reading “Don’t be afraid of meditation.”

Be an empty vessel for supreme self.

We are full of ideas, concepts, personal judgments, fantasies, bais love, favorites, choices, dislikes, experiences, traumas, failures, achievements, sex choices, suppression, exposures. All these form our personalities .If we remove all traits, we will be an empty vessel ,totally empty and available, just like a newborn child. This empty vessel is what God wants usContinue reading “Be an empty vessel for supreme self.”

Having Guru doesn’t means, u have a license to play.

Don’t think in this fashion that I have a Guru, so whatever I will do in life at the guru will take me to the right path. Guru shelter includes personal efforts also. Full dedication, patience, sincerity, surrender, continuous remembrance of Guru’s instructions . Play only when guru gave you freedom to play, once youContinue reading “Having Guru doesn’t means, u have a license to play.”

Non perceiving state is called love.

When we don’t perceive anything, we become witnesses of what’s going on around us. That non perceiving state is full of love because it includes everything infact it includes the whole world. This state expands our inclusiveness to altogether different dimensions. This state doesn’t have ego, no judgment, no observation, no opinion, no analysis isContinue reading “Non perceiving state is called love.”

Faith in universe is most important.

Having full faith without doubts is what creates connection with the universal energy. God is nothing but the background of this whole universe. Beyond space and time, that emptiness is God. As human beings, we are given this privilege to explore God, no other species on this planet have this intelligence . Use it toContinue reading “Faith in universe is most important.”