Bring vacation time to your home every day .

All of us aspire for some Vacation time , as you come near to your vacation/free time you feel a different kind of happiness. The day you sit in a plane or in your car you’ll all together be in a different free mood , totally relaxed. And this is because your intellect has preparedContinue reading “Bring vacation time to your home every day .”

Everything is in voidness

As we vertically uplift ourselves from the senses , then body , then mind and finally above the intellect we reach the ultimate void state , this state is our true self nature. Totally free from tendencies, attributes, attachments and identifications. This void state , blank state gives you everything, this state is what scienceContinue reading “Everything is in voidness”

Closest SELF state every day experienced.

When we sit relaxed in our comfortable chair and close our eye after a long day what we try to do is to calm us down from all the thoughts of the day when these thoughts reduces we start feeling sleepy or you can say we are having very few thoughts floating around in ourContinue reading “Closest SELF state every day experienced.”

Existence Consciousness Bliss

Ultimate reality of the cosmos ,it’s the same law in the whole universe wherever there is intelligent life. Once life shift from survival mode to intellect level then evolution takes its own course to present moment mode Once it is realised , consciousness is realised by the being irrespective of it whether it is humanContinue reading “Existence Consciousness Bliss”