Once connected ….no need to connect as individual

We all want to be in touch with people whom we know and also want to connect with new people. This is our nature which we call socialising. On world wide web we can reach out to any person whom we wish to connect just by making few connection like on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. TheseContinue reading “Once connected ….no need to connect as individual”

Everything is happening through me not by me.

Whatever one does is not his doing ,its cause and effect law that creates actions . Causes are of three types – mental , verbal and physical action. As one think or say or do it creates a cause , this cause gives effect in present time or in the future but for sure effectContinue reading “Everything is happening through me not by me.”

Who is conscious of his imperfection

One becomes seeker who is aware of his imperfection. Seeking comes when one understand that what is happening all around him is being repeated over and over by forefathers. Once that inner calling comes , you try to break the chain of monotony. Actually what is happening around you in this material world is nothingContinue reading “Who is conscious of his imperfection”

Collective menifestation

So many times people question about if SELF is everything then how all this physical world exist in front of us. Main reason is of our collective menifestation which leads to this world around us, all electrons and protons are forming this our world because of our evolution we are thinking in this direction. ForContinue reading “Collective menifestation”

Journey from earth to the whole cosmos.

Our evolution is to spread knowledge of the SELF from this earth to the whole cosmos. Like us there are so many planets inhabited by life forms who are also just enjoying pleasures of material world. 3000 years earlier we used to travel in whole of our known and unknown universe through out of bodyContinue reading “Journey from earth to the whole cosmos.”

On Independence Day …Liberate from EGO

Through subtle intelligence one can transform his intellect to see his SELF in its true nature. Once an experience of SELF nature is observed even for few seconds then the path of liberation is carved. As an experience holder now one has to contemplate . This leads to establishment in the SELF . As SELFContinue reading “On Independence Day …Liberate from EGO”

Stay in Self- Death will not touch you

Slowly and gradually when one start leaving all his identities, habits, attractions , desires then thoughts start reducing .When nothing in this world will create a desire to enjoy with our senses then, one enter thoughtless state. This state help us to establish in the Self. Thoughtless state can be maintained for one hour dailyContinue reading “Stay in Self- Death will not touch you”