No Death if you die in a SELF state.

Once the experience comes of true SELF then that person is free from all attachments, functioning in this world will be the same infact better than before but with this new awareness life will have a paradigm shift . Ego will end , with the death of an ego , immortal state achieved. Ego deathContinue reading “No Death if you die in a SELF state.”

Ignorance to Knowledge , Knowledge to Devotion or Believe , Believe to final Experience.

As we live our normal life in this world we give importance to our objective goals , goals for ourselves, family and this constant striving makes us forget our subjective goal , which is a bases of life in everything. When some contentment comes in our objective goals or when we suffer then we startContinue reading “Ignorance to Knowledge , Knowledge to Devotion or Believe , Believe to final Experience.”

Benefits of knowing the SELF

Dissolution of all habits . Freedom from compulsive behaviours. Acceptance of all circumstances/situations in the physical world. Humour in every situation as it is realized that nothing is in your control. Clear focus on task in hand as all negativities lost with loss of attachment to the result. Only focus on efforts in present momentContinue reading “Benefits of knowing the SELF”

Once touch SELF…..then establish in it.

Best thing ever happen to anyone in human life is to touch the SELF. Once this happen then the real taste of freedom comes , this happiness with freedom is much much higher then drugs, alcohol . As someone touch his self again and again , the connection becomes stronger and stronger. The whole worldContinue reading “Once touch SELF…..then establish in it.”

Stay active in this world…but inside totally desireless

Perform all duties of this world with full dedication but inside always remain fully aware of your true SELF nature. Once established in this style of living then one is free from all bondages, habits, fears , anxieties. This other state of desireless living will help in building appreciating attitude for what one got inContinue reading “Stay active in this world…but inside totally desireless”

Turiya….. unbroken Bliss

Fourth state is the ultimate state and the top most goal of every human being. Waking, sleeping, dreaming are three other states -All are known to every person and animal. Turiya is only available to humans, it represent that state in which we are waking but our mind is not functioning. This state requires lotContinue reading “Turiya….. unbroken Bliss”

Everyone intentionally do things so that they are judged

Every work we do is for gaining appreciation in other people eyes. Whether you do work at home , office, family, social gatherings. On the basis of those judgements, people form an opinion, attitude, personality of others. One should keep sometime every day for his or her personal inner introspection , opinion about own selfContinue reading “Everyone intentionally do things so that they are judged”