Experience Awareness in every moment , this shift will be the final step for human life. This transition from gathered knowledge to SELF knowledge and then establishing in its awareness is the most beautiful moment in anyone’s life. Grace is falling on everyone just staying in one’s pure awareness is what makes the whole difference.Continue reading “From KNOWLEDGE to AWARENESS.”

Reach at the point where thoughts and imaginations lose their base.

SELF state is where thoughts, imagination, past , future all is lost only breath is left to focus on . Stay in this state for minimum 5 mins per day , slowly and gradually it will become a second skin . Don’t perceive, observe, judge, discriminate, indentify . It will be like a portal isContinue reading “Reach at the point where thoughts and imaginations lose their base.”

Become a substratum of this whole creation

Watch your breath , then stay in the middle without perceiving any thoughts coming from all directions. Once you enter in non perceiving mode then grace or pure energy will start flowing in you from your forehead or from back of your head. Stay in it for 15 minutes. This energy will accumulate gradually inContinue reading “Become a substratum of this whole creation”

Be witness of experience and the experiencer.

Once establish in the SELF, one became a witness of what is experienced and also the person who is experiencing it. Experience is only by the mind ,body complex ,it is experienced by the experiencer(enjoyer or sufferer). One who can further withdraw himself from the experiencer stage to a pure ,non perceiving state that isContinue reading “Be witness of experience and the experiencer.”

Go beyond Time. Happy Diwali

One way is to keep on discovering new ways to extend time for this mortal body or the other way is to go beyond time. Turiya state takes one beyond time , this state once touched then living in physical world will be altogether different. This state is non perceiving state, no discrimination state, noContinue reading “Go beyond Time. Happy Diwali”

Be Aware of body, mind and surroundings.

When one get established in the SELF then this body , mind , thoughts, senses, all surroundings around you infact everything physical get detached from you. It becomes a real experience of seeing every passing by moment in front of you . Time and space keeps on moving and changing , but your awareness neverContinue reading “Be Aware of body, mind and surroundings.”

Kill the griever in you.

Comparisons, attachments, possessions, clinging to success, expecting trust, declining body, failing systems around you, unfulfilled desires, relationships getting sour all this leads to a feeling that life sucks. It’s because we have lost the purpose of life. All these notions make a person griever. One can rise above it in every moment of his lifeContinue reading “Kill the griever in you.”