First become That …then do whatever you feel like.

Once we understand real truth of our existence and then once we experience it and get established in it then actually we are ready for this world. Right now we are all living based on needs, passions, ideologies, societies, cultures. Once we are established in truth of our Self then all these aspects have altogetherContinue reading “First become That …then do whatever you feel like.”

Unbroken, uniform, continues SELF awareness.

As flower bloom’s and spread its fragrance without any discrimination , its smell is for all . Similarly once you experience continues unbroken awareness realising your true fragrance and also experiencing this multiplicity as a world around you, knowing that this is not you then while working, while playing or even when you are sleepingContinue reading “Unbroken, uniform, continues SELF awareness.”

Let the body ,mind know who will leave it.

Know yourself first ,once that is accomplished then perform in this world whichever way you want. This knowledge come from conviction and devotion. Once known it will not get established in an instance it needs constant efforts till intellect gets fully merged with the Self. Then one will know that its the self which willContinue reading “Let the body ,mind know who will leave it.”

Infinite Awareness.

Every second of our life we are infinite Awareness – untouched by senses, body,mind, emotions, intellect, energies as they are mere instruments. Use these instruments in this physical world for functioning, living but never get identified with them , identification leads to attachment with borrowed desires. Borrowed desires can be for senses, body , mindContinue reading “Infinite Awareness.”

Benefits of Inner Realisation.

1. Full of energy and enthusiasm every moment of your waking state. 2. Staying calm , at peace even when one is busy, in multiple situations. 3. All body parts feel totally relaxed and in sync with the mind. 4. Feeling of positiveness , one pointed focus, better concentration. 5. Breathing becomes smooth ,long andContinue reading “Benefits of Inner Realisation.”

Remain ‘ A ‘ ..why you become ‘B’ .

Our true nature is of the SELF (pure A – Awareness) but we due to our wants and desires becomes something else . Real true everlasting happiness comes from staying in our true nature of SELF but we slips from it every second due to our senses perceive outside world and we becomes B. AsContinue reading “Remain ‘ A ‘ ..why you become ‘B’ .”

Affirmations are important to fixate your future.

Affirmations of my world…I am the SELF, substratum, source, void, blankness, pure awareness, without attributes and tendencies, present moment consciousness , shiva, supreme SELF, constant, unchanging, unwavering, still, immortal, unaffected by time and space, I am not senses, body, mind, emotions, intellect, only witnessing this present physical world. These are my affirmations , what’s yours.

Reality alone remains.

Reality here doesn’t means ,things which you are seeing and enjoying. Reality means state between pleasure and pain, between likes and dislikes , between acceptance and rejection . It’s totally without observation, opinion and judgement. Witness state is reality that is without perceiving, identifying , no discrimination in that present moment. Reality is non dualContinue reading “Reality alone remains.”