Clear purpose of life.

Passion for understanding of SELF , passion for merging into Supreme Self is the clear purpose of life. All other passions are mere illusions. Materialistic passions ,music, dance, singing all stay with you till this body last but passion for getting established in self is the utmost goal of human life, we have born to achieve this only.

Work in this world only to satisfy your basic needs above that is all part of small small passions satisfaction. Enjoy it till you experience its repeating pattern. Parties, cars, fame , business targets, pleasures will not end but earth will extinguished . Understand this in small time else you will take whole lifetime.

Life purpose should also include Carving Easy Path – so that it becomes easier for next generations to reach the goal in short time.

Once you get established in the SELF, then do whatever life throws up. Life will unfold in explosive manner when you stop deciding your future. Just surrender to the SELF.

Actually we are never separate from Supreme Self, we are only ignorant.

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