Seize Cause and its Effect.

We all know how cause and effect works , in our indian culture we call it Karma.

We can actually stop this karma cycle instantly , its only humans on this planet who can do this.

SELF state is the answer , once we achieve it then our job is done , self state is subject of all objects in this universe. Witnessing everything around us without any reaction will bring us to this threshold.

Drop everything , all perspectives, observations, opinions, judgements . This will make you free in the present moment. Just stay like this for a while everyday.

Gradually you will see all effects of your past Karma’s getting dissolved. New causes or actions will start reducing as one start staying in witness state .

Action or cause are of three types – physical, verbal and thoughts. In witness state all three seizes.

Only responsibilities in hand will create new cause and effect rest all wasteful actions of thought, verbal, physical will be cut down.

Be free of past and its effect. Seize new unwanted cause and its effect. Create new focused future.

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