Witness.. Consciousness.. Infinite Awareness.

Our real truth can be realized through these words , these are three steps to eternity.

Cross first door of Witness state second door of consciousness will open as it get established, simultaneously awareness in it’s infinite grandeur will open with open arms , merging you with empty space of the cosmos and beyond.

Get established in this truth then life is sorted.

Witness- To be in present moment without perception of anything (when alone) or perceive what is in the front at that moment ( when functioning in the world)

Consciousness- Pure Self which throw light on everything we perceive , without this light one is dead to the outer world.

Infinite awareness – final level when we meet the sun who’s light consciousness was reflecting , its always shining without knowing our presence , its grace always falling on us only difference is how big the window is given to consciousness so that it can reflect it’s light, the longer we stay in witness state more closer we will be with infinite awareness.

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