See everything as it is.

When we see anything around us we have an understanding about it in our mind . From our birth till today we have a perception of everything around us. Once we drop it and see everything around us then actually we will have a neutral vision or you can say unbiased vision of things or situation.

This witness state of vision will open up new understanding of the things or situations. Example watching a flower with your perception is like ok its white in color with shape which you have seen earlier too, smells same how you have smelled earlier, now lets drop all what you know about it and see it with totally fresh, infact just see it in that present moment without any opinion, judgement.

Now apply this blank , witness state to everything around , don’t perceive with the same old eye infact don’t perceive at all. Remain in this non perceiving, no identification, no opinion state for some time without using your memory, knowledge. Do this every day for few minutes it will get converted into most relaxing, rejuvenating blessing .

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