Break your flow of experiences.

Memory, mind , senses play a big role in showing you continuity of experiences, but actually we experience one reality at a time same as we say computer do multitasking actually it is doing one thing in nanoseconds then other and then other but to us it looks like its multitasking.

We too experience multiple things in any given time , so try to stay with one experience at a time and try to take a break between two experiences by doing nothing in between, nothing means drop all througts , imagination, observations, opinions, judgements in that gap time , this will break you from the loop of continuous flow of experiences.

We call that time of blankness as homecoming, this will bring you to your current reality ,help you focus on current job in hand also will reduce your mind fluctuations , maintaining your cool in any given situation.

Once this break start coming in during your daily functioning then this will work as reboot system , people take this break by smoking, eating their preferred meals, socialising but actually it is just diverting your mind from a situation,once you are back in the old work then you start feeling heavy, miserable, exhausted.

So try this blankness technique, it will rejuvenate you in place of draining you. Break for not thinking at all.

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