Benefits of Inner Realisation.

1. Full of energy and enthusiasm every moment of your waking state.

2. Staying calm , at peace even when one is busy, in multiple situations.

3. All body parts feel totally relaxed and in sync with the mind.

4. Feeling of positiveness , one pointed focus, better concentration.

5. Breathing becomes smooth ,long and settle.

6. After whole day of work and pressure one knows and feel that he can be back in that state of bliss, ecstasy without the need of intoxications .

7. Recreations , tv , mobile all modes for self entertainment loose its importance in refreshing the mind or we can say a better way added to rejuvenate completely and naturally.

8. Out of box thinking developes as mind is rebooted by decluttering every day.

9. Health improves drastically because 70 percent energy consumed by mind is switched off this leads to faster healing of the whole body and nervous system , immunity boost to its optimal level.

10. Sleeping time reduce as light sleep time to enter into deep sleep is not required much ,so it got easy to enter deep sleep fast and body rejuvenation faster and efficiently.

11. Whole day calmness one can maintain at the background of busy life. This happens after 3 months of practice as body adapts.

12. Joy, happiness remains through out the day without any need to achieve it through satisfaction of desires.

13. Contentment level increases this reduce habit of looking up to other people for happiness . Personal bliss is achieved this gives lot of security and peace.

14. Compassion increase ,love for nature increases multifold as body mind is in tune with the natural .

15. As personal aura becomes peaceful , everything around you becomes peaceful. all situations start getting resolved peacefully.

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