There are two Selves

Whole life go by without realising that we are actually two not one , one is conditional Self and other is realised Self.

Conditional Self is engrossed with material pleasures , that self never realised that there is something beyond me, mine and I.

Realised Self is aware of its surroundings ,it feels , looks and function just as conditional Self but it is fully detached from all of its actions. He will perform all day today activities but never find real happiness in them.

Realised Self will find true bliss in blankness , voidness, witness state , present moment state , accepting every moment as it comes, flowing with the flow of life , doing what is required in that moment as per that situation , living the life as served on the plate. This attitude opens those doors which are ment to be open for that Self.

Once conditional Self get converted in to realised Self then senses, body , mind becomes equipments . Conditional Self is destroyed.

This is second birth or in other words finding yourself.

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