Be free from three miseries

Three miseries are center of all pain and sufferings in this world.

Misery of Body and Mind

As one’s Body start getting old or any health issues comes up person start getting depressed it’s because of his so much attachment to his senses gratifications.

As one’s Mind keeps on making different noises due to situations in life , person wants to make it stop by diverting thoughts or intoxication or sleep overdose.

Misery due to other People

Such misery create emotional turmoils , jealousy , hatred , anxiety. People , society don’t support in finances, fired from job, business losses etc. This can happen in school, college,home, office or in society.

Misery due to Nature or Nations

Natural disasters, calamities , pandemics, wars , riots all these creates displacements , financial and social turmoils.

I am not saying all this will vanish ,only thing that will happen is that one can see all this as a witness , as if it is happening to someone else but not you. Impact of situations drastically diminishes .This state helps in overcoming any damn situation in this world. Intellect plays an important role in establishing in the SELF mode. It is achievable through practice and discipline. Once this happens life becomes easy and the bonus is it attracts good things around you. Every thing falls at the right time and right place.

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