Get Free from Three

Three things create all misery in life , once one is free from these three ,the whole body mind complex will feel light .

HAPPINESS from objects , no object can give you lasting happiness ,it will be necessity but it will never be a source of happiness.

ATTACHMENTS towards relationships , objects, society , work , SOP’s , attitude , habits , routine. Be a part of all above activities but with detachment. If anything collapses then try to regain it but don’t get attached with it in such a way that it impact one physically, mentally, emotionally.

EXPECTATIONS from others ,from future , from God , from society , from the world.

Minimum expectations one has from others but if it is missing then ACCEPT it and try to find some other way to deal with it , keep your cool till the right time comes.

Once these three – settle down in your nature then the lasting happiness with contentment comes.

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