Members of the board

Let’s take our senses, body, mind , intellect, emotions, life energy as members of the board and Mr. SELF as managing director of the board.

When mind start throwing thoughts, ideas just tell Mr. Mind to stop wait. Use Mr. Intellect who is the second most powerful person after Mr. SELF , so use him with full authority over Mr. Mind.

Use catche memory of Mr. Intellect to break the unity of Mr. Mind, Mr. Body , Mr. Emotions, Mr. Senses. Establish authority of Mr. Intellect to overpower them .

This effort will create more room for Mr Self.

As Mr. Self gains more ground his authority increases during waking time this leads to full control on all board members at the time of death. Mr SELF continue to live in the same way even after death.

This is the End Game.

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