Without attributes and tendencies

Nature clearly shows its true nature and it can be understood by human being only , we are given highest level of intellect and mind capacity on this earth .

The Blue Sky it is always constant never get effected by clouds , dust , cyclone , lightning as all subside we see clear blue sky.

The Air , one can see air only when it is mixed with dust , rain , pollution or debris as all this settle down then you can feel it but can’t see it , it becomes pure empty.

The electricity , you can see it in lightning or in a electric show or sometimes during short circuit . Electricity is constant but can be use in any device , machine . It never leave it’s true nature which is constant , pure .

The Space , from our home to earth to solar system to our galaxy everything is in space , if this earth vanish one day space will remain constant always pure .

Sky, Air, Electricity , Space all are depicting same state as our SELF .

Our inner SELF is also got same nature and same qualities ,it’s constant, unchanging, immortal, indiscriminate, pure , blank , unwavering, infinite and most important thing is that it hold everything else in its place with perfection and equilibrium.

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