Bring vacation time to your home every day .

All of us aspire for some Vacation time , as you come near to your vacation/free time you feel a different kind of happiness. The day you sit in a plane or in your car you’ll all together be in a different free mood , totally relaxed. And this is because your intellect has prepared your mindset and body to leave your daily routine and worries behind . You have asserted yourself to relax for some days free from your mobile phones ,business, job and other responsibilities.

Now if the same assertion is used by us in our every day life for an hour in the morning or evening and feel the breeze in the air touching you , see the nature around you , see the sunset or sun rays falling on the leaf , see all around you in open space with a totally new perspective ,then the whole monotony will fall. While being on holiday you see everything around you in the present moment and if the same thing is repeated in your every day life for even one hour it’ll make a really big difference and help you relax your body and mind.

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